The Point

I had been a ghost writer for speeches of leaders in my past work. I always reminded them to stick to the point. “Be brief. Be clear. Be emphatic. Be empathetic,” I always told them that. After reading the speech material that I gave to the leaders, they would always ask for “bullet points.” I would gladly prepare a one-page bullet point for them.

Sometimes we miss the point; not because we do not appreciate the point. Sometimes we love to explore and as we are drawn towards what we see, what we hear, what feels good, then we continue moving to that direction. Then we miss the point.

I was in my low ebb one time. It ran contrary to the atmosphere and ambience I was in because I was there to attend a national symposium on people management. My heart was somewhere else. My mind was boggling my heart. This bothered me a lot. So I decided to resolve my inner self first before I even dared to listen to all the lectures and participated in the subsequent learning workshops.

I woke up early and prayed. From afar, I could hear church bells tolling. So I decided to dress up and follow that sound of the church bells. I asked the Hotel Lobby Staff if there was a church somewhere. They gave me the directions. Accordingly, it was a 30-minute walk from the hotel. I could take a taxi, though, they said. So off I went.

I decided to walk. The morning breeze was soothing and actually there was no taxi in sight. I reached the church. To my surprise, the patron saint of that church was my favorite saint, St. Therese of Lisieux. Goose bumps! I was just in time for the mass. I prayed and asked God to give me internal peace and peace of mind and heart.

I am a crier, by the way. I cry in church. I cry on stage. I cry when I tell a story. I cry when I give out talks. I cry. I am a crier. And yes, I cried during the mass. Perhaps others were disturbed by my constant wiping of my tears. I could not help but cry. I just cried. And peace came settling in. It was as if the tears washed my hurts. I did not have to spell them out to God. He understood and He pacified my heart.

Then I prayed. “God, please give me a sign that what I am doing is right. Please give me a sign when I come back tomorow for mass. Please just show me a flower as a sign.”

The next day, I went back to the same church. I wanted to see the sign. God is so lavish in His mercy and graces. There was not only one flower. There were white flowers from the entrance of the church up to the altar. What a sign for the peace I was seeking!

That was the point that God gave me. The point that I missed when I started again to look around for external happiness, temporary bliss, popular trends, material attachments. I forgot about the point.

When we forget about the most important point in our life, then we go astray. We may have the temporary comforts and joy but in the end, something would be missing.

I went astray from the point. But we have a God who gives so many chances. He will always willingly, lovingly, compassionately bring us to the point.

Jesus is my point. He is and He will always be The Point. It is all about Him. He is my peace. He is my joy.