The Bully

We always think of this as one who intentionally teases someone in school to the point of the one teased to feel inferior, hurt, discriminated upon; or even feel trampled on to an extreme extent. We always see this in movies and TV series where one or some students, those who think highly of themselves, would look down on someone, whether a boy or a girl, as weak, poor, or simply one who does not belong to the group. A bully or a group of bullies may end up in the Principal’s office or if they have the right connections, the one bullied may end up leaving that school.

I was bullied not in school but in the workplace. At first I just took it as a joke. But then it came on everytime we had a meeting. I felt hurt. I lost interest to participate in the discussion in that meeting, however important it was. I felt wronged.

But just like the weak and bullied in the classroom, I did not speak up. I chose to be quiet. Why? I was afraid that I may just be branded as “sensitive” or onion-skined. Also, I did not want anyone to feel uncomfortable with me. So I chose to keep quiet. I kept all my hurts and I just responded with a smile.

Looking back, I am now wondering if what could have happened if I stood up and I fought back. Would things turned out differently? Had I been given a chance to speak up and be justified? I don’t know. Perhaps not. That is not how this world works. Those who are strong would always be strong and become stronger. Those who are weak would always be weak and become weaker. That is only from my point of view as the bullied one.

But that is only true when one chooses to be left behind. But is it not the goal of the nations today that no one would be left behind? Would that mean the bully, too, would not be left behind? Would that bully keep on bullying as well; as the bully moves forward with the others?

I don’t think so. There would always come a time for the bullies of this world to realize that people are human beings with human rights; people who are clothed with dignity and the right to live, too.

I stood up by leaving; without telling the bully that I felt wronged. I left and I left the bully behind me. As the Bible teaches us, we must forgive but we do not forget to remember those who have wronged us. We remember them not out of spite or vengeance. We remember them so that we can pray for them. We remember them so that that they, too, would come to know that life is a gift and we are only in our temporary dwelling places.

I believe this: There is a life that is with bliss and there will be no bullies out there. There is only sunshine that comes from one source, The Author of Life.