What We Have

I watched this video exercise which showed how much privilege some have in this life and how much others are without such endowments. It kept me hooked into the picture of that lady who was left behind. She did not have the privilege that others had. Those who were ahead in the line, felt sad, too, that there were many others behind them.

Sometimes we tend to forget just how privileged we are in so many ways. The mere fact that we are living or breathing while others are dying in a war, in illness, in hunger, in grief, or in violence, should make us feel grateful.

I am guilty of not appreciating the privileges I have. It is a shame to think about that now. To me, gifts freely given, grace as we call it, are privileges that we should appreciate and receive with grateful hearts.

I was awakened from a dream. It was a scary dream. I was surrounded by rats and they were just everywhere. I was squeezed in hiding. I curled under a blanket. To my horror, one rat was nibbling on my nape. I was screaming and I did not know how to take off the rat from my nape. I was screaming for help but no one came. It seemed that the people around me could not hear my scream. Then I snapped out from my dream, gasping for breath. It was just a dream.

Sitting down, I wondered what that dream was. I prayed for meaning.

Sometimes, gifts are abundant in our midst. Yet, we seem not to recognize them. We look at them as though they are just part of our being “privileged.” The rats! We look at them as though they are not essential. We see them as though they are just ordinary. The nibbling rat!

But these gifts are meant to be received and appreciated.

I sat and with hands open wide, I said, “Thank you, dear God, for all these gifts. I am very privileged to have all these – the air, the sun, the wind, the rain, the moon, my family, my friends, my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul.”

I pray for those who are fighting for their lives. I pray for those who could not scream for help. I pray for those who are screaming yet could not be heard. I pray…