Are You Okay?

Change is the only permanent thing in this world. I fully agree with this philosophy in life. Elegant and picturesque houses, where before only the moneyed could have, have become reachable, too, for many who have sweated it out to make a home. Cars, where before only the wealthy ones could have, have become a necessity and many more could afford to get one or even two or even three for the family. Designer clothes, where before only some could afford to buy, are also enjoyed now by those who make good plans and strategies to acquire the same. Good food, where before only a few could have, is now within the reach of those who enjoy the fruits of their work.

Yes, change is something that we hope for. It is something that we aspire for. It is something that keeps us moving as we encourage ourselves to move forward even as we see the risks and uncertainties. Change is necessary because it will bring us to something bigger, something better, something that would continuously inspire us as we look for a brighter tomorrow.

But change also haunts us with fear. And if we hide in the dark cave of insecurity and doubt, change may be elusive. We need someone to hold on to or something that we can lean on. We look around and we see the lives of those who have successfully lived their lives by riding on the horse of change, gallantly and unafraid. We see them as pillars of change.

I once was looking up to a person who was strong and determined to make a change. I somehow tried to idolize that person. I followed the person’s way of thinking. I tried to live in her paradigms, too. But I was wrong. Change can also change someone. My picture of that person crumbled to pieces when I saw what happened to the people around her. I only saw the externals but I failed to see the intentions.

This sent me into thinking. Change can only start from within myself. It is the heart that would send out blood to the organs of my body that would propel me to action that would bring about change. I need to change from within if I want to see the change around me. I cannot be a copycat because change for the better tomorrow is lived today with the right set of values and attitude; those that also respect the change that people around me are striving for.

How should I motivate myself then? How can I tell myself that “It is okay; change is along the way.” How can I align myself with the philosophy that “I’m okay when you’re okay.”

Now I am beginning to understand why God is doing what He is doing. I am beginning to understand why Jesus did what He had done. I am beginning to understand why the Holy Spirit does not give up in giving signs and promptings to bring me to a purpose and meaning. God wants me to be okay because God also believes in the saying, “I’m okay when you’re okay.”

Now I am beginning to understand that change is permanent because God is the only permanent being.

Are you okay, Jesus? Are you okay with me? These are the questions that I always ask when I pray. Perhaps, this is my prayer. I will never be okay when Jesus is not okay with me and in me. I pray that as I move along everyday, I should be riding on the back of change, holding on tight so as not to fall when change charges on.