Dovey’s Slingbag

It was a bright sunny day. All the birds were out. They were flying everywhere. They were having so much fun. “This is the day!” One bird loudly exclaimed; and all the birds cheered along. They went into formations following Eaglet, their leader.

Eaglet did all amazing bird dives. He flew up so high that birds could not see the exact height where Eaglet went. Then out from somewhere, Eaglet would come flying into the ocean and he would catch a fish and held it up with his handsome beak. Everyone applauded. Everyone cheered. “Cheers to Eaglet!” That was the chant that all the birds were shouting at the top of their tiny voices.

Then Eaglet did his somersaults; that was his forte. He would curl his body and flipped 360’s several times over. “Amazing, Eaglet!” Everyone cheered on. Eaglet was happy, too. On such a lovely day, everyone was there to see his performance.

It was a fun day for everyone.

But not for one little dove. She was perched on a tree that was covered with leaves. She was sitting there with her mother. She was watching all the other birds who were having a fun time. She had fun, too. She cheered for Eaglet even if she could not really see what Eaglet was doing. Her view was only limited because the leaves around her were just too thick and green and lovely.

“Mother,” Dovey said.

“Yes, my dear Dovey, what is it?” Mother Dove’s voice was always calm. It was like a song to the ears of Dovey.

“I’m sad,” said Dovey. Mother Dove looked at her only baby and said, “Why are you sad, my dear Dovey?”

“Why can’t I be like the other birds? Why can’t I be like Eaglet?” Dovey’s question was too much for Mother Dove to bear. But Mother Dovey regained her composure and got on with her most tender voice. “You see, my dear Dovey, when you were born, I praised and thanked God that He gave me a cute little baby with one leg.”

“Why, Mother? How can you thank God that I am weak with only one leg? How can I be born with one leg?” Dovey was almost in tears as she continued with more questions that Mother Dove pondered in her heart.

“You see, my dear Dovey, you are different. When you fly, I have to be by your side and hold your other wing. When you are perched on a tree just like now, I sit beside you to make sure you do not fall. When you go out to hunt for food, I go with you. We do all things together.” Mother Dove hugged Dovey and poured all the love from her heart.

“Are you happy that I am like this, Mother?” Dovey was wiping off her tears.

“Yes, my dear Dovey. You are different. You see, Eaglet is amazing and many like him. Eaglet is soaring so high because one day he has to start on his own. But you will always be with me. I will always be with you.” Mother assured Dovey as she kissed Dovey’s forehead.

“Come on, my dear Dovey, do you want to fly high, too? It is such a lovely day. Let’s pack our bags with our little seeds and share these with others. Do you want that?” Mother Dovey was already picking up their little seeds and put them in their birdy slingbags.

“Yes, Mother, let’s do that. That is what I have always wanted in all of my life.” Dovey said.

Mother Dove and Dovey busily packed their tiny little birdy slingbags with their little seeds. They were singing their beautiful song along.

“We will fly in the sky; this is the day.

We will see Mister Sun and say hello to the One.

We will say to the clouds; please let us pass

We will tell Mister Rain; please hold the clouds for a bit.

We want to fly. We want to fly. We want to fly.

We want to see the world for just a while.”

That was the song that Mother Dove taught to Dovey.

“Are you ready, my dear Dovey?” Mother Dove was checking on Dovey and she was making sure that her birdy slingbag was tightly strapped to her frail body.

“Yes, Mother, I am ready! Let’s go, Mother,” said Dovey.

Off they went. They started low and higher and higher; still gleefully singing the only song that they knew.

“Look, Mother, Mister Rainbow is out today. Can we greet him first?” Dovey was so excited to see the rainbow.

“Yes, my dear Dovey. Let’s go over to greet Mister Rainbow and thank him for this day,” said Mother Dove.

They smiled to Mister Rainbow and they bowed as they continued to fly.

They flew over places covered with Red. Mother Dove and Dovey dropped their little seeds on Red and flew by. They looked behind them and saw that Red turned into Blue; and they continued singing.

Mother Dove and Dovey spent their whole day flying; resting only on some trees for food and water. They were so happy that they have shared their little seeds with Red; and Blue was everywhere around them.

When they were back on their nest Mother Dove said, “My dear Dovey, did you see what we did today?”

“Yes, Mother, the Red turning into Blue was very magical,” said Dovey.

“No, my dear Dovey, that was not magic. It was a miracle!” Mother Dove hugged her little Dovey as she thanked God for this precious gift. Dovey will always be with her and she will always be with Dovey.

We are all born with our own uniqueness. We thank God for that. We can always make a difference even with our limitations. We are grateful for that, too.

“For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Psalm 139:13-14