Meant To Be

Some things are meant to be. Yes, no matter how much you try to avoid them, they just can catch up with you.

Some things, too, are not meant to be. Yes, no matter how much you pursue them, you can’t seem to catch up with them.

Why? Because if things are plainly within our reach and within our plans, then there would be no need for Someone to see us through. But that Someone just wants to be a part of us. Yes, He is.

So no matter how good we are, or how excellently we can plan, a mere twist of fate can change things. Covid19 pandemic has made us realize this. Businesses, big and small, and the experts in all fields could not have thought that a small virus could stop the world.

It happened. Some things are bound to happen.

It is when unexpected things happen that we sit down and reflect. It is when we are in the abyss that we look up and see the bright shining star. From where we are, we see flickering starlights. But when we are down below, we focus on that one shining star; the tipping point.

The whisper of the coolest breeze alerts us to action. It gives us a new hope. We have to get up from where we have sunk so low and slowly rise once again. This time, we take more careful steps and we do not forget the lessons we have learned.

We need to be atuned to this Someone. We need to validate our actions against His plans for us. Yes, we have a purpose. We need to pursue that purpose; but only with His guidance. Only then can we create an impact, a legacy, a footprint; one that delights Him and one that engraves His name.

His Name is Jesus.