Freedom of the Soul

Looking back on those days when my body was like the punching bag for someone who just hated life, I can only let a cry in my heart thanking the Holy Spirit of God for making me strong for each punch that I took.

Oh yes, being a battered wife is not an easy life experience. It took me 26 years to finally say to myself, “Enough is Enough!” 

With fear in my soul and with a very heavy heart, I went to church one fine morning.  I poured all my tears to Him who created me. I asked, “Why are you letting me experience all these things? What have I done to deserve this?” I cried and cried alone in that church. 

Then like the bolt of a lightning, this message from Him came to my mind, “Everything I do, I do it for you!” As if it was not enough, the music from a Karaoke in a store near the church, glared loudly this song, “Everything I do, I do it for you!”

More tears flowed from my eyes. “Help me!” I said. “What should I do now?”

I know the way out from being a punching bag. But I was not ready to face society and what others would think of my family; a broken home. “Will you allow me to do this?” I asked.

The voice was clear, “You are the temple of the Holy Spirit! Preserve yourself!”

Tears when shed in God’s presence serve as a liniment for a hurting soul. The cold heart slowly warms up with God’s mercy. Yes, it is mercy that awakens the soul.

Slowly, I left the church and drove to the Hall of Justice. “I must seek help from my Cousin-Judge or else I may die in the hands of the man who hated life and used me as a punching bag,” I thought. So I asked my Cousin-Judge to go with me back to our home. 

Upon arriving in the house, “the man who hated life and used me as a punching bag” did not see my Cousin-Judge at first. So he was already determined to inflict harm upon me again. But when he saw my Cousin-Judge, his demeanor immediately changed. He acted like a kitten who could not spill milk. But my Cousin-Judge went straight to the point. He told “the man who hated life and used me as a punching bag” to leave the house and never come back. My Cousin-Judge said “Girlie needs peace. Leave her alone and do not ever harm her again.” 

After 26 years of being a battered wife, that day was the day when God liberated me. I became free. I had no more fears when I went to bed; afraid that I may die during my sleep. I could now pray in the silence of my room without being harassed, maligned, maltreated, or even despised. 

God works in mysterious ways. He listens to those who are crushed in spirit.