There could be a million, a trillion, or even google steps towards your dream. But there is only one bold step to give yourself that breakthrough.

I still remember my very good cousin saying, “You see, I am where I am now because I took that one bold step. It was not easy back then. Looking back, I could not believe that I made it.”

But how bold can we be? How courageous can we take that one leap? We know there are risks. There are insecurities. There are apprehensions. There are anxieties. Will we be able to handle that?

Many of those who succeeded in taking that leap would say, “You can do it!” 

But what is really the difference between those who made it and those of us who are afraid to take that leap? How can we overcome our fears? How can we stop from being anxious? 

The other side of that indecision would be, “Will I just be forever looking towards that horizon? Will I just be viewing the greener side? Will I just continue to dream?” Will I allow the “what if’s” to dominate me?

I know someone who took that leap. How bold can he be. When everyone else of us, including me, were hiding in our sanitized homes for fear of covid contamination, this someone went out there and grabbed the offer. That was very bold and courageous of him. He got the golden opportunity. He was at the right place at the right time. No one else wanted to be there. He was there.

What will give us the courage to make that leap? What will embolden us to close our eyes and move ahead? Determination.

One time, I joined an adventurous trek. The first part was to jump from a bridge that was at least two-storey high. It was quite high to me especially that I had to plunge myself into the river. I did not know then how I would survive after that jump because I do not even know how to swim. But I was the only one left and all my companions were already in the boat by the river, shouting, “Come and jump! It is just four shouts of long “Ahhhhhhhhs…” 

I could not make myself jump. So the guide said to me, “Please just close your eyes. Trust me.” And so I closed my eyes. And oh my! He pushed me into the river. Yes, he did not give me a warning. He just pushed me. I plunged. I panicked. But I survived.

Perhaps the leap is just like that jump from the bridge to the river; somehow. We just have to close our eyes and take the leap. We just have to trust the One who is always with us no matter what. He is, He was, and He will always be. His Name is Jesus.