Uprooted and In The Pit

Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  Matthew 7:19

Everything seemed alright. Lights, camera, action! Life was ablazed; full of excitement and enjoyment. Everything seemed alright until…Everything flashed with just the flick of the finger. No premonitions. No preparations. No turning back!

Everything was under control but suddenly, with the bat of an eyelash, everything has fallen apart.Everything…everything has fallen apart.

It is very hard to understand when things do not go the way we wanted them to be. It is very difficult to accept failures. It is very stressful to handle the sails when the boat has taken a different course. But life is like that. I believe so now. It has always been like that. I realize so now. It will always be like that; and so we pray.

During the times when we are at our lowest, we are still left with two options, actually. One is to continue to fall down the pit full of regrets. The other is the opposite. We climb and we struggle to get out of the pit. 

Joseph, the Dreamer, was in the same circumstance when his brothers threw him in the pit. But Joseph pursued his dream and he came out victorious from the pit onwards.

Getting uprooted is always with a reason. There is someone bigger than our plans; someone bigger than our dreams. He uproots us when we have gone astray from our journey. Getting uprooted is a blessing in disguise. It may seem unfair at first but then in the end, a blessing is a blessing.

God is always fair!It is how we get replanted from the uprooting. It is how we get out of the pit and be healed from the fall. It is what remains in our heart after each fall that matters.

Uprooted. Yes, for a purpose.

Into the pit. Yes, for a reason.

Whatever it is, anything… everything is a blessing. It is how we look at things in life and how our heart responds that is essential. After all, we do not own our hearts. God does.