He Speaks

When Jesus was preaching, He quoted verses in the Old Testament to affirm God’s Will.

When Jesus was praying, He talked to God from His Heart about His situation, pleading His cause, and affirming God’s Will.

So when we walk with Jesus, in Jesus, and like Jesus –

1. We preach by quoting the Words of Jesus because He came to fulfill the Will of God.

2. We prepare for our encounter with Jesus just like how Jesus prepared Himself in the desert with the Holy Spirit, by

a) Asking the Holy Spirit of God to cleanse our hearts, mind, and soul and thus create a renewed person with a passionate heart, an open mind, a listening soul.

b) Allowing the Holy Spirit to clothe us with the Jesus’ character of Humility, Obedience, Perseverance, and Enthusiasm.

c) Acknowledging the promptings of the Holy Spirit to remind us of Jesus’ teachings thereby setting the mode for our moments with Jesus.

3. We pray and converse with Jesus by knowing how He feels, what He wants us to do, and where He wants us to be.
a) It is Jesus’ mentoring time.
b) It is Jesus’ affirmation time.
c) It is Jesus’ recognition time.

It is all about Jesus and never about us.