On a Vacay Mode

A rich man went for a vacation in a remote town.

His first stop was a sari-sari store, the only one that he saw around.

“Excuse me,” said the rich man. “Is there any good restaurant out here where I can eat?”

The lady of the store gently smiled at the rich man saying, “Good morning, Sir! It is so nice of you to viait our place. Welcome!”

The rich man was not pleased. He expected a straight answer . “This lady is wasting my time,” he thought.

“Did you hear me?” The rich man asked again the same question. “Is there any good restaurant out here where I can eat?”

The gentle lady said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I just wanted to welcome you first. Yes, there is a restaurant here that can serve you a simple but warm meal. What would you like to have?” The gentle lady smiled beautifully to ease the rich man’s stress.

“Where is the restaurant?” This time the rich man’s voice was higher as he became irritated.

The gentle lady answered, “You are in the right place, Sir. I will cook for you whatever you please. I am the only cook in this place.” The gentle lady spoke softer and very apologetic as she felt the discomfort of the rich man.

“What? This? How can I eat here?” He looked around and he sized up the gentle lady from head to toe.

Unsatisfied with what he saw, he started to leave. He got back in his car and sped off the dusty road.

The gentle lady just smiled and prayed, “Dear God, another lost soul came by. Please guide that soul, Holy Spirit of God.”

The gentle lady continued with her daily chores, humming that familiar tune which connects her to God.