The Poor

Many eyes have seen the poor. Some look at the poor with disdain. Some with pity. Some with pride that they are not part of The Poor.

But Someone looks at The Poor with compassion. The good Samaritan looked at The Poor with empathy.

Who are The Poor? Is it just those without food on their tables? Is it just those without a warm bed to lay their heads at night? Is it just the weathered man on the pavement? Is it just the beggar in a busy street?

Or does The Poor encompass all of us who are still scouring this Earth in search for meaning? Or does The Poor include all of us who are at the mercy of the sun and the rain, the plants, the animals, and the air that we breathe?

Who is The Poor?

I love the motto, “Let no one be left behind.” Yes, may no man be left behind in man’s quest for meaning and purpose. May each man actively pursue “heaven while on earth.” (St. Therese of Lisieux).

I am poor. I belong to The Poor. But I enthusiastically explore my inner capabilities to be part of the greater scheme of things in my simple ways.

I am a dot and a dust. But I believe I have a purpose. I may be poor but I may still enrich others who are poor like me.

I believe, therefore, I will.