Missing The Point

The first miracle of Jesus was at the Wedding feast in Cana. There was shortage of wine and Mary, the Mother of Jesus knew what was happening. So, she told this to Jesus. But Jesus replied to Mary saying that it was not yet His time to reveal Himself.

But the soft spot of The Son did it all. Jesus performed His first miracle when He changed the water into the best wine.

The best wine was served last. So the father of the bride was amazed that the groom strategically disturbed a custom of serving wine – the best was the last.

The groom was not aware of the miracle. Yet, instead of asking the servants, he went along with the story that benefited his position.

Pride set in and the groom wallowed into it. Had he been humble enough to check, he would have known the truth and he would have met Jesus. The groom missed his great chance to encounter Jesus and to thank Jesus personally.

Sometimes we are also like this bridegroom. We claim the credit and honour that fittingly belongs to someone else. Worse, we miss to be grateful to someone for the things done.

But like Jesus, we can just fade away into an unassuming crowd. Like Jesus, we do not feel aggrieved for the ungrateful hearts. We humbly work on our confidence in God’s plan. We move on. We continue with our journey knowing fully well that in the greater scheme of things, there is God who sees it all.

Reference: John 2:1-12