The road ahead is not always as we expect it to be. There are humps, bumps, detours, or even closures.

If we are not prepared for the journey, at the sight of inconvenience and discomfort, we may easily just give up.

Trying some more after a fall requires a lot of courage, stamina, energy, and self determination.

We look for clues. We look for hands outreached to where we have fallen. We cry for help.

But nothing is around us. More often, people would drift far from a fallen man. History has taught us that, too.

But all is not in vain. All is not dead. There is this certain light. This one draws near where we have fallen. This one gives the light in the dark. This one is hope.

Hope teaches us to persist in the journey. Hope warms our hearts and tells us to persist in our faith. Hope awakens us to persist in our dreams. Hope lifts us up from the pit and brings Persistence to show us a new beginning.

There is Hope. She comes with Persistence.