And So It Seems

It is Christmas once again. Streets are filled with lights. Everywhere we see lights. People capture this awesome beauty in their cameras and happily share these light-filled moments with friends and family.

It is Christmas indeed. Parties are everywhere. Gifts are abundant. Carolers are gleefully singing. Hearts are pouring with bounties. People are happy to share a little, some, or more from what they have.

It is Christmas. It comes by once a year. After the festivities and spendings and parties and caroling and feasts, everything will go back to the just ordinary days.

But is it not supposed to be a Christmas spirit everyday? What truly is Christmas?

A child who was confused asked, “Wait a minute, do you mean to say that Jesus was not born on December 25? Then why are we celebrating Christmas?”

The innocence of a child could amuse us and actually sends us into deeper thoughts.

Christmas is in the air. It is supposed to remind us that the Son of God, Jesus, chose to be born quietly, simply, and humbly in a far away village in a manger. Remembering that essence of Christmas may lead us into meaningful celebrations as we try to live quietly, simply, and humbly. This delights Jesus. This pleases God.

On remembering Jesus at Christmas, we can pray that all that we do be delightful to Him. We can listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who will guide us and move us to that which delights The Son of God. 

Come Holy Spirit of God! Lead us to the Lamb. Fill us with calm, simplicity, and humility. May our Christmas be that in the Manger with Jesus.