These verses in Luke 2:22-40 which speak about the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple bring to us several key points in our faith.

1.  The Holy Spirit guides us into the Truth.

     Simeon was a devout believer and he believed in the truth that the Holy Spirit revealed to him – “He will see the consolation of Israel.”

     If we do not firmly believe, we would have many questions and doubts. But Simeon did not entertain those doubts. Instead he kept praying and opened his senses for signs from the Holy Spirit.

     Thus, on the day that The Baby Jesus appeared in the Temple, Simeon, who was led by the Holy Spirit, knew right there that the Consolation of Israel has come.

2. When we are led by the Holy Spirit we may be deviants in the eyes of many.

     Simeon and Anna who were openly declaring the coming of the Consolation of Israel were considered deviants in their time. Some may have even considered them as “crazy.” Many may have looked down on them. But Simeon and Anna did not mind being rejected by many. They held on to the truth that was revealed to them by the Holy Spirit of God.

3.  When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we do not put expectations before us: we just follow His promptings.

     Joseph and Mary who were led by the Holy Spirit went to the Temple without expecting attention, recognition, flares, and fireworks. They went to comply with the law. 

    But the Holy Spirit had already planned for them. The declaration of Simeon and Anna was a surprise to Mary and Joseph.

    But here is the catch. After the surprise, knowing how important the Baby Jesus would be, Mary and Joseph humbly returned to their simple home; no qualms, no flares, no fireworks, no special attention, no recognition. 

“Come Holy Spirit, please guide us to the truth of our faith and please help us to live a quiet, simple and humble life with you. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”