A friend of mine shared this story. She said, “My husband is a mountaineering guide. He would go to the mouth of the volcano with a group of mountaineering enthusiasts. They see this trek as very challenging. They would spend the night there by the lake of the mouth of the volcano.”

I was really amazed with what she shared. Her husband and the mountaineers are seeing something not everyone could see. The beauty that we behold is only that which is within the range of our vision. Yet, we do not have the same ranges. Some are in high places and they see things differently. What awesome sights they may have seen.

And here is the catch of my friend’s story. She continued, “At night, while they are encamped up there, my husband would see a procession of lights. Yes, a procession of lights. At first he was terrified. But as this became constant in the nights he spent there, he came to believe that some good spirits are passing by in a procession of lights.”

Wow! My jaw dropped and my eyeballs almost fell from their sockets. What? A procession of lights! I want to see that, too. How I wish I could experience that.

And here is the truth. The people in the Old Testament saw the Glory of God in the burning bush, in the Winds, in the Clouds, in Mother Nature, in Men, or in Angels. Marvelous indeed!  I would have loved to be there, too.  (Exodus 40:34-38).

But there is always HOPE. With great faith we pray that one day we, too, may see the Glory of God. As John The Baptist testified, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Matthew 3:11.

This is what we aspire to have in 2023. HOPE -Humility to accept realities, Obedience to do that which delights our God, Perseverance in our journey through ups and downs and detours of life, and lastly but never the least, Enthusiasm to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit of God. We HOPE and we pray.