So It Is You

So it’s you, I’ve been waiting for so long
So it’s you, where were you all along?
Very special moments, this will always be with me
We are here, you and I, we belong.

And so the song goes…It was popularized in the 90’s by Raymond Lauchengco who was then a dashing young man who mesmerized young ladies not only with his voice but also with his looks. It is the story of two individuals who happened to meet by chance and they discovered the love that they had been looking for.

I was in the mall yesterday. I was drawn to the accessories area where there were shawls of all colors. I tried on the brown, the yellow, the maroon, then the red. The last one looked good. But then I remembered. “It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow,” I said to myself. So I put back the red shawl and got a blue one instead.

This morning I went to church with my blue shawl. It looked good and so I was happy. As I was listening to the sermon of the Priest which was about, “Are you really with the right person,” my eyes were drawn to the area of the ceiling just above the altar. And lo and behold, there was a drape of blue that matched the color of my shawl. This is the sign for me. So I silently and tearfully said to myself, “So it is you, Jesus.”

I have travelled the ups and downs of my life. I have cried tons of tears over challenges. I have smiled through my sacrifices. But I can always cry tears of joy for my one and only partner in this life and the life hereafter – my Jesus. He is the one and there is no other.

So it is you, Jesus.