Just Another Phase

What matters most is the ending of a page in our life.

Most of us, except those born with golden plates and silver spoons, go through life with our own battle gears. We swim through problems and hardships. We eat stresses and sorrows for our meals. But all these are spices and necessary ingredients to a life well lived.

Getting to the finish line of our work life is closing one chapter of our life. But the story goes on. This time we are more equipped with experience, with knowledge, with family, and with friends. Unlike before when we may be alone in our struggles, this time, there is a whole community who invites us to join in another journey – the most important phase of our journey – knowing the real purpose of life….Jesus himself.

You see, retirement is a blessing. It gives us the opportunity to look up heavenwards and appreciate the air, the sun, the clouds, the birds, the trees, the rain. All these we tend to ignore when we are so busy doing our daily tasks at work. This time, we are very blessed to enjoy the beauty that God has created for us. That is the essence of Christianity – to appreciate what God has made and what God has done.

To retire from work is God-given moment. Not everyone is able to retire from work. Some get separated even before retiring. Some die even before getting to the end. But when we have the gift to retire from work, then we should feel very grateful. We feel blessed. To deny this is just like denying God’s blessings.

There are stages in our lives. There is a time for everything. There is a time for sowing the seeds. There is a time for harvesting the fruits. God has planted the seeds. It is now our time to give back to Him and be very grateful in small and simple ways as we dedicate our retirement from work to the one Who has given us work. Ora et Labora. Work is prayer. God blessed us with work. And we should be very grateful for the work he has given us through the years.

Now is the time to simply say, “Thank you God for bringing me this far and for all the blessings you have given me and my family. Thank you God for this Company that has given me work. Thank you God for my colleagues at work. Thank you God for my superiors. Thank you God for being YOU.