They were called behind their backs as “The Renters.” They heard how people called them as they turned their backs. But they did not mind the name. They just kept their hurts to themselves.

The couple, The Renters, were just too happy seeing their children grow in modesty. They were just sincerely happy with every person who came to their home. They were just simply joyful to share their music with those who were willing to listen. They were just very eager and honest to listen to stories that people shared. They were willing to share their ideas and creativity.

Oh yes, indeed! They were an extraordinary couple in an ordinary setting, “The Renters.” They were not rich but God provided for all their needs. God was the reason for everything they did.

But aren’t we all renters in this world? Is there anything that is in this world that is ours? Is material wealth really ours? Are the lands and other resources really ours?

Are we not just stewards of these things around us? Are we not just renters of space and time? Are we not just passing by and passing through?

“Appreciate the garden but do not pick the flowers.” The garden owner correctly put this sign in his flower garden. Indeed, the onlookers could just marvel at the sight of the beautiful flowers; but not to disrespect the garden by picking even a single flower.

“Put back everything in its original position.” What a good sign to the renter of space to remind him that he is obligated to respect the owner by taking good care of the property.

The Renters knew that they had to make the best out of what they had. They were entrusted with children who were their only gems in the world. They had to do everything to polish these gems.

The Renters understood that they could not fulfil their obligation as parents by themselves. They had to put their trust in their God; the God who is kind to the Renters in this world. After all, God created the Renters for His purpose.

And so it came to pass. The Renters put their trust in God who provided all the means to realise their obligations. And so it came to pass. The Renters completed their purpose. God is pleased.